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Council of Servers

The Council of Servers acts as the Board of Directors for the Center for Awakening.



Back Row (L to R): Carla Peterson, Secretary; CaSandra May; Trish O'Neil; Hedwig Weiler, Vice President

Front Row: Jan Lovell; Abbie Loomis, President; Marilyn Wedberg, Treasurer 

We are often asked how the Center for Awakening is organized, since we do not have a brick and mortar building. The Center is a non-profit corporation run by a Council of Servers (board of directors), seven people who live in three different states. Because we are scattered geographically, we are experimenting as a virtual organization. We have regular contact with our fellow servers through conference calls and occasional face-to-face meetings.

The Center for Awakening was not established to create a community of salaried staff. Council members are not reimbursed for their service unless they teach/facilitate a program offered by the Center for which there is a charge. Within this framework of voluntary service, Council members focus solely on discerning what we are being guided to do and how best to make it happen. We use the group's discerning ability and creativity to think out of the box, to experiment, and then to implement new initiatives. (See elsewhere on this site for our mission and goals.)  We can work on projects together anytime, anywhere, in any combination from within our own group or with others we invite to join us. It has been quite an adventure reaching this point on our journey and we feel enthusiastic as we continue to discern exciting possibilities for the future.

Former Council members include: Susan Connell-Magee, CaSandra May, Tim O'Neil, Trish O'Neil and Pamela Wegner. Along with Hedwig Weiler, Trish O'Neal and Marilyn Wedberg, they were instrumental in founding and developing the Center. The current council appreciates their hard work and all they contributed. We especially continue to remember our much beloved Susan Connell-Magee who died in May of 2003. It is through her generous bequest that we are able to fund our work at present.

Abigail Loomis, MLS, MA, CAS. Until 2008 when she retired, Abbie was Coordinator for Library & Information Literacy Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Abbie, who holds a Masters in Library Science and a Masterss and Certificate of Advanced Study in English, was the recipient of several UW-Madison campus awards for her efforts to promote information literacy on the campus, including, in 1998, the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Leadership. She has published many articles on information literacy in higher education and been appointed to a number of information literacy committees at both the state and national levels. For these efforts, she was recognized by the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians with its information Literacy Award in 2005. A graduate of the Psychosynthesis Center of Wisconsin, Abbie tries to bring what she learned there into the new work that fills her retirement days. She has been an enthusiastic dog walker for the local animal shelter since 2003 and is involved in a program that helps dogs with behavior challenges become adoptable. Since 2008 she has been the "mom" of Ben, a puppy mill dog with a wounded spirit, who has taught her much about love and patience.

Jan Lovell saw how her much-loved sister Susan Connell-Magee's life was profoundly impacted by psychosynthesis and thus Jan became an advocate for the Center. She manages a telecommunications and cable TV company in Clear Lake, Iowa. She is grateful when technology is used for positive purposes such as this Web site to create a virtual network of like-minded individuals. A former newspaper reporter, she is an outdoor enthusiast who works toward restoration of the harmonious balance between humankind and the natural world.

Carla Peterson, MS, LPC, SAC, is a psychotherapist practicing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She is also a spiritual director. Her training in spiritual direction was from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, which has an interfaith approach. She is a graduate of the Psychosynthesis Center of Wisconsin, taught psychosynthesis classes, and served on the Steering Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP) for three years, from 2005 to 2008. She has presented at AAP conferences and presents on psychosynthesis whenever she gets the chance. Carla has an interest in energy healing; training in HTSM (Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry), an offshoot of Healing Touch; and uses energy psychology methods and techniques in her practice. She is also exploring her inner artist, having recently been certified as a SoulCollage(R) Facilitator.

Carla lives at Joy Farm in rural Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, with her husband and a very large golden retriever. She gardens and tries valiantly, but unsuccessfully (so far), to keep up with the weeds.

Marilyn Wedberg, CAEH, is an artist interested in handmade artists books, collage, assemblage and photography. Her work is a way of sharing what she has learned on her lifelong quest to understand the purpose of life and just how this universe works. She hopes the viewer's own wonder and creativity will be sparked, knowing that once a person finds creativity in one area, it expands and brings new ideas and ways of living into the world.

A graduate of the Psychosynthesis Center of Wisconsin, Marilyn edits the Center for Awakening's newsletter and serves as treasurer. Her business degree and her concern for the environment combined when she and two partners opened a resale shop in Madison, WI, which she co-managed for 18 years.

Hedwig (Hedi) M. Weiler, MSN, APRN-BC, LCSW has been a practitioner and teacher in health care, mental health, healing, personal transformation and active in community building most of her life. She founded the Psychosynthesis Center of Wisconsin and was one of the founders of the Center for Awakening (CFA). Along with Carla Peterson she now coordinates the CFA Psychosynthesis Program. She teaches psychosynthesis courses on all levels and advanced seminars for mental health practitioners. She conducts retreats and teaches Reflective, Receptive and Creative Meditation.

For six years, from 2003 to 2009, she served on the Steering Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP) as Group Life Chair, Secretary and for the last two years as co-chair. She has presented at AAP conferences and continues to be involved in the organization.

Although she finds inspiration from a wide range of traditions and philosophies, for over 30 years Hedi has been a student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings written by Alice Bailey.  Most recently (2011), she was guided to join the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

After living in Madison, WI for 33 years, Hedi moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005. She delights in learning about living in such a beautiful part of the country. The exotic fragrances of flowers like the magnolia, gardenia and mimosa drifting through the air still feels magical to her.

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