Sunday, May 19, 2019


  • To provide programs that explore and incorporate various methods of meditation.
  • To provide information resources and educational programs about integrative modalities that increase personal, community and planetary well-being, especially Psychosynthesis - a comprehensive framework for psycho-spiritual development.
  • To promote the further development of Psychosynthesis.
  • To sponsor trainings, programs, retreats and publications related to our mission.
  • To provide a network for people who have studied Psychosynthesis to continue their association with each other and to support each other.
  • To provide a resource for people looking for information about programs and practitioners of Psychosynthesis in Wisconsin and elsewhere.  


Welcome! We invite you to use this site to nurture and expand your consciousness through meditation, psychosynthesis, education and more. Read more...

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We recommend this book, Blueness of a Clear Sky, by Hildegard Weiler about her and her sister Hedwig's experiences during World War II.





Hedi Weiler shared aome thoughts about psychosynthesis in an interview on the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis Web site.  Click here to listen.



NEW: Two taped meditations with Hedwig Weiler, the Rainbow Bridge and a centering meditation. Click here to listen.